Operation School Bell Program

Operation School Bell is a philanthropic program initiated in 2004. This program provides uniforms for seven Title I schools in District 6. They are given to the students at the start of each school year and to new students who arrive later in the school year.

With a budget of $112,003, we provided uniforms consisting of pants and polo shirts to 3,800 students at both the elementary and middle-school levels.

Our additional goal of giving school sweatshirts to each student is being realized this year as well, through our Bargain Box Thrift Store proceeds, grants, fundraising efforts, and generous donations.



     Nohum Orange stands with his children, Marissa and Micheal as they receive their uniforms from Assistance League volunteers. From left to right: Marjie Reed, Caroll D., Dorothy Eckas, Pam Neville and Barbara Rhine.
       Operation School Bell is a national philanthropic program. According to principals, providing children with new school uniforms improves self-esteem and encourages regular school attendance.

Operation School Bell must go on despite the pandemic!