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Never doubt you can make a difference in the life of a child!
Click the link below to watch an a
mazing video about the profound effect Assistance League's generosity had on one young girl. Several of our members were lucky enough to hear her story first hand at the National Conference in September 2019. 





Avery, Penny

Barbour, Kim

Beierbach, D

Bernd, Janie

Blush, Ann

Bohlender, Karen

Bollig, Patti

Brinkman, Gwen

Bryant, Bonnie

Burger, Rita

Casados, Veronica

Chandler, Christy

Denzin, Colleen

Eckas, Dorothy

Eichenberger, Catherine

Ellzey, Gege

Fruhwirth, Ginger

Garcia, Jacqueline

Graff, Jane

Grinde, Chris

Hagihara, Kathy

Halbert, Kathleen

Harrison, Missi

Hastings, Pam

Hawley, Deanna

Hill, JoAnn

Hummel, Carole

Jiricek, Jan

Kazmer, Maureen

Krause, Jan

Kremer, Anne

McClure, Cinda

McConville, Bev

McGrath, Joann

Moffatt, Heidi

Nelson, Jamie

Ottesen, Betty

Peterson, Debbie

Rapp, Judy

Reed, Marjie

Roberts, Mary

Ross, Linda

Sanderson, Vicki

Schneider, Glenda

Sitzman, Claudia

Stebleton, Cheryl

Stoneman, Laura

Straight, Florence

Strobel, Beverly

Sumerford, Kay

Thompson, JoAnne

VanMatre, Ann

White, Marilyn

White, Nancy

Winter, Donna


Assistance League of Greeley 2020-2021 Board of Directors

JoAnn McGrath

Dorothy Eckas

Glenda Schneider

Christy Chandler

Deb Peterson
Vice President Philanthropic Programs

Vicki Sanderson

Heidi Moffat



Public Relations/


Strategic Planning

Deanna Hawley
Resource Development

Donna Winter

     General Information


Assistance League of Greeley needs volunteers willing to commit their time for the success of the organization. Many hands make the work light, and there is much to be done at the Bargain Box. We need your commitment to help us out! We are flexible and grateful to all our volunteers as we work together to help serve our community!

Regular membership meetings are held on the fourth Friday at 10:00 AM at Trinity Episcopal Church, 3800 West 20th Street, Greeley. Exceptions are May, November, and December. There are special times and locations for these three monthly meetings.

  Assistance League of Greeley accepts merchandise donations during our open hours. These donations are vital to the success of the Bargain Box Thrift Store which is the primary source of revenue supporting our six philanthropic programs.

We are proud of our volunteer hours for 2018-2019!
  74 Members' volunteer hours -- 23,021
  Non-members' volunteer hours -- 264


The National Leadership Team of Assistance League has invited Rita Burger, a member of Assistance League of Greeley, to become a member of the National Leadership Finance Team! Some of her job responsibilities will include attending the Finance Committee meetings when possible; reviewing, revising, and preparing “Manual for Chapter Management” documents relating to finance for presentation to the Chapter Services Committee for approval; developing and keeping current financial information in the “Manual for Chapter Management” and “Finance Handbook"; attending and presenting finance seminars and workshops at the national, regional, and local levels for chapters as needed; and assisting chapters and providing chapter consultation, advice, and mentoring as requested. A congratulations goes out to Rita as she works as a volunteer on the National Leadership Finance Team. This service will benefit all Assistance League chapters nationwide!


During the past fiscal year, Assistance League of Greeley benefited from the volunteer hours of sixteen Public Employees'
Retirement Association members. These sixteen retirees provided over 7,600 hours of volunteer time.

Front Row - Left to Right -- Cheryl Stebleton, Vicki Sanderson, Janie Bernd, Colleen Denzin, Dorothy Eckas,
Linda Trimburger, Catherine Eichenberger
Back Row - Left to Right -- Caroll D., Jan Krause, Rita Burger, Ann VanMatre, Sally Novaria, Deb Thompson, Pat McCloskey

Not pictured: Barb Rhine & Virginia Burgess