Member Events Photo Gallery

2019 RAAFF Event in Full Swing. Lots of smiles and bidding on Art!

Members Carolyn, Jan, Tammy, Aggie, Vikki and Marjie enjoying a photo op!

President, Marjie Reed with Courtney Archibeque. Her "Tinseltown Collage
won the Greeley People's Choice Award (1st Place) at the RAAFF Event.


Marjie Reed; Jim Lewis; Events Chair, Vikki Cole; and FMS Bank Branch
President, Patty Gates. Jim's "Blooming Rock" won the Kress Red Carpet
Award (2nd place) and  FMS Bank was a Silver Sponsor of the event.


Marjie Reed with Vikki Cole who was honored to have her
"Green Tea Anyone?" lamp win the Weld Golden Globe Award (3rd place).
Her gift card will be donated to the File of Life program.

Here having a great time are Glenda, Carolyn, Karlyce and Sharon.
Our members enjoy having laughs and fun at the Bargain Box, socials, and events. 

"We support each other and our programs!"
Veronica, Claudia and Karen always have a smile for everyone!

Assistance League of Greeley volunteers Gwen Brinkman, left, Colleen Denzin, center, and Bev McConville, right, after organizing clothing purchased for an area hospital to give to assault victims who need clothing
to wear out of the hospital following treatment. (Photo: JoAnn McGrath).
Margie chats with Karen, Rhonda, and Glenda
at the Christmas Luncheon.

2019 Festival of Trees entry

Winner of the 2019 People's Choice award!

Eight Greeley Volunteers attended the National Assistance League Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in September.  Over 1000 attendees from across the US came for workshops on a variety of subjects. 

"The knowledge gained from these workshops, seminars, and networking is invaluable to us as a Chapter. I can't wait to share with our members!" reports Vikki Cole. Members in attendance included: Chapter president, Marjie Reed; President Elect, JoAnn McGrath; VP Philanthropic Programs, Ann VanMatre; Finance Chair, Rita Burger; Treasurer, Vicki Sanderson; Secretary, Christi Chandler; Membership Chair, Vikki Cole; and 2018 - 2019 President. Carolyn Bernhardt-Jones. 

The National Conference is held every other year. Both presidents were honored at the event. The 2021 National Conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas!

Gwen Brinkman displays new inventory at spring 2019 changeover

Public Relations Committee members invested a lot of
time and energy into the 
2018 Festival of Trees display.

On Tuesday, June 19, the staff at the Bargain Box was surprised by a sudden powerful hail storm!

Notice our wonderfully creative and resourceful footware to stay dry during these inexpected conditions.

Assistance League Greeley participated in the first annual LEGACY OF LITERACY campaign, an event coordinated through the national office in Burbank, CA.  The LEGACY OF LITERACY campaign concluded on February 28, 2018. Assistance League Greeley collected over 600 new books for Kindergarten to Grade 8. The books were donated to the Weld County Boys and Girls Clubs and Salida del Sol Academy. The Weld County Boys and Girls Club will distribute the K-3 books to clubs throughout Weld County. Children will learn at an early age the importance of reading and education.

The public participated by donating and dropping off the new books at the Bargain Box Thrift Store, located at 1706 9th Street. Cash donations were also received. A special thank you goes out to all who donated to this educational program.

from left to right: Carol Cox, Assistance League Greeley President; Charlie Whisenhunt and Andrea Everett, Boys and Girls Club House Directors; and Emily Stanfill, Boys and Girls Club Director

Perla Perez, Office Manager at Salida Del Sol Academy and Assistance League Greeley President, Carol Cox

Human Bean Event

Grace Pointe resident, Nadine Claire--a past Assistance League Greeley president--enjoyed a morning shopping excursion to the Bargain Box, pictured with Lola Lucero.

Assistance League Greeley members attended 2018 Volunteer Fair

Congratulations to Assistance League Greeley for
winning the "Mrs. Claus' Favorite Tree"
award again this year!

Assistance League Greeley's beautiful entry in the Union Colony Civic Center's 2017 Festival of Trees

Assistance League Greeley members
enjoy Outback road trip lunch.

Members enjoy socializing and taking care of business
at monthly Assistance League Greeley meeting.

Easter 2017:


Joan & Scott

Lorna Cunningham proudly displays the beautiful lap quilt she completed. It will be donated to a veteran at the conclusion of the Honor Flight in May. Ms. Cunningham purchased fabric at the Bargain Box Thrift Store, 1706 9th Street, to make the quilt. A member of Assistance League Greeley found additional fabric for Ms. Cunningham to be used on her next quilt project. Thanks to Ms. Cunningham for her service to our veterans!

Changeover 3/27/17

Assistance League Greeley "Road Trip Lunch" 3/23/17 at the 9th Street Bar and Grill. We do have a good time; it is not all work!

Assistance League Greeley members of the board and committee chairs
Front row
seated from left to right: Missi Harrison, Warm Up Weld County Chairman; Carol Cox, Co Chairman of Operation School Bell; Vicki Sanderson, Bargain Box Building Committee Chairman
Back row from Left to Right: JoAnn McGrath, Public Relations/Marketing Chairman; Carolyn Bernhardt-Jones, Assault Survivor Kits Chairman; Carol Lance, Resource Development Chairman; Dorothy Eckas, File of Life Chairman; Ann Van Matre, Single Parent Scholarship Chairman; Joan Ingmanson, President of Assistance League Greeley; Pam Neville, Vice President of Philanthropic Programs  

A committee of very talented and creative Assistance League volunteers met at Union Colony Civic Center to put together the Christmas Toy Shop for the Festival of Trees.

Pat McCloskey at the Assistance League Greeley  vendor table for the Grace Pointe Christmas Fair

Christmas 2016: Janie & Bob



Joy Purdy and Sharon Mercer
at the Bonell Christmas Fair

Wal-Mart employees Tausha Guerane (left) and Amiee Shaw (right) assist Assistance League Greeley members Missi Harrison and Jan Krause with loading the Warm Up Weld blankets for distribution. The Wal-Mart Foundation provided a grant to cover a portion of the expenses for this Assistance League Greeley philanthropic program. Over 1400 blankets were distributed to 20 schools and local agencies to assist individuals and families for the up-coming winter season.

Christmas Merchandise 2016

Fall Changeover 2016

Attendees Rita Burger, Joan Ingmanson, Vicki Sanderson, and Carol Cox enjoying the Denim and Diamonds dinner at the national conference in Dallas.

Assistance League member Lola Lucero (left) presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Heidi Lederman, Outback Pub and Restaurant manager. Assistance League Greeley was the August recipient of the "Give Back at the Outback" promotion which benefits local nonprofit organizations. 

Cheryl Stebleton, Assistance League Operation School Bell Chairman, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Gilbert Arizmendi, Weld Co. School District #6 District Service Center Manager. Assistance League Greeley provides uniforms to 6 Title I elementary schools. Mr. Arizmendi works with the chapter providing space for sorting and delivery of the uniforms.

Barb Totos and Aggie Schott handle the duties
of distributing File of Life medical folders
at the Eaton health fair.

The Bargain Box looks great
after the spring 2016 changeover!

Assistance League President, Marjie Reed, presents a certificate of appreciation to Zachary Miller, Cafe Mexicali Manager, for fundraiser on 1/10/2016

Deb Bonkiewicz serves as Guest Barista
at the Human Bean as a fundraiser on 1/14/2016.

Assistance League Greeley was presented a check for $225 for the Human Bean fundraiser on 1/14/2016.  We also received children's books that will be distributed at the Sunrise Dental Clinic.

Holiday Home Tour 2015

Our entry in the 2015 Festival of Trees
at the Union Colony Civic Center

Marjie Reed receiving the ribbon for the "Mrs. Claus" award for Assistance League Greeley's entry in the 2015 Greeley Festival of Trees.

Chamber Business Before Hours 10-14-15

Greeley Assistance League members at the national Assistance League Conference, fall 2015. 

Red Feather Lakes "road trip." Everyone had a good time. Great weather and beautiful country.

Carol Lantz & Karen Kindrick
at Aims College Fall-In event

Maureen Kazmer & Vicki Prenzlow with Kristie Weeks
at Aims College Fall-In event

Max Barber and Heidi Lederman, Outback Restaurant and Pub managers, accept a Certificate of Appreciation from Assistance League President Marjie Reed. The Outback Restaurant and Pub was recognized for a monthly campaign that provided a portion of the Thursday sales during August to Assistance League Greeley. The Outback Restaurant and Pub is located at Boomerang Golf Course. Thanks, Outback!

Delicious Barbecue and Fun Conversation