Thank you for voting the Bargain Box as
the "Best of Greeley Thrift Store" for 2020.
Assistance League of Greeley appreciates your support!


The Bargain Box is open.

We are open 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays.

The health and safety of our customers and the volunteer staff at the Bargain Box is our top priority. Cloth masks, disposable masks, or double-layer cloth covers will be required for anyone entering the store. Plastic shields will not be allowed. Children over 2 years of age must also wear masks. Non-compliant customers will not be allowed in the store.

Donations are accepted at the back door when the store is open.

Thank you for your continuing patronage of our thrift store.




to all our supporters who donated to

the Assistance League of Greeley

during Colorado Gives Day and

throughout the year!

We promise to put your

money to good work!



To read  the recent article in the Greeley Tribune about the

Assistance League of Greeley's donation of clothing to

area hospitals for assault survivors, CLICK HERE.

Warm Up Weld Program Awarded $10,000
from the Weld Trust of Greeley

Greeley, CO -- April 13, 2021 -- The Assistance League of Greeley has received a $10,000 grant from Weld Trust of Greeley. The grant money will be used to support the Warm Up Weld project. The project, is one of six philanthropic programs that the Assistance League of Greeley administers. The grant award will be used to buy blankets, sleeping bags, and throws. These items are distributed by Assistance League of Greeley volunteers to 29 schools, 16 agencies, and organizations throughout Weld County.

JoAnn McGrath, the Assistance League of Greeley president, was thrilled to learn about the Weld Trust award. “These funds are especially appreciated this year. We have not been able to keep the Bargain Box Thrift Store running, due to the pandemic, and are in critical need of funds to support our philanthropic programs. This Weld Trust grant will go far in making sure those in need will keep warm next winter.”

Additional funding for the Warm Up Weld Program is provided by Assistance League of Greeley's yearly budget that is raised from revenues from the Bargain Box Thrift Store and other generous donations.

The Weld Trust was formed through the sale of the North Colorado Medical Center to Banner Health in the fall of 2019. Through grants to nonprofit organizations, the Weld Trust aims to positively impact the health and education of Weld County.

For more information about the Assistance League® of Greeley and its membership, visit or call the store at (970) 353-2226. Your help will support those in need in Weld County.

Help Assistance League of Greeley every time you buy something at Amazon

During these difficult times our volunteer members are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. Please think about Assistance League of Greeley by using Amazon Smile for your online shopping needs. Amazon Smile will donate a portion to us every time you shop! We will need your help for our philanthropic programs serving our Greeley and Weld County community!

Click here to link to Amazon via our "Smile" account:


Note: The video below was recorded in 2018. Some of the information is now out of date.



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Assistance League of Greeley was founded in 1973 as the 54th chapter of Assistance League.
Mrs. Nancy Waldo was the visionary who helped create our chapter. Our member volunteers have been proud to serve this community for over 40 years through our philanthropic programs.