Information for Prospective
Assistance League


Assistance League of Greeley Application Form

If you are interested in applying for membership in Assistance League of Greeley, please complete and submit an application form using one of the two following formats:

If you would like to print the application form on paper, complete it in pen, and either mail or deliver it to the Bargain Box Thrift Store, click here to download the PDF version.

If you would like to open a "fillable form" in Microsoft Word on your computer and fill in the form with your computer keyboard, click here to download the Microsoft Word Form version. Once completed, you can either email the electronic form to us or print and deliver the paper form through normal mail or by dropping by the Bargain Box Thrift Store.


Benefits and Responsibilities of Membership

Assistance League of Greeley members are caring community volunteers who make the commitment to support our philanthropic programs. 

Members staff the Assistance League Bargain Box Thrift Store by serving as cashiers, merchandise markers, and sorters.

Members also do committee work to help Assistance League and our philanthropic programs in order to serve the Greeley and Weld County community. 

Being a member of Assistance League is volunteering with a purpose.

Congratulations to new members Kim Barbour (left) and Patti Bollig (right),
each pictured with the Membership Committee Chair, Vikki Cole 

Membership Committee

Individuals interested in learning more about Assistance League and becoming members are encouraged to contact us either by phone at 970-353-2226 or by email at
The Membership Committee Chairman will schedule an informational coffee and orientation to fully explain the duties and responsibilities of being a member.

The Membership Committee also organizes a variety of events and gatherings during the year so our members can gather together in a social setting.

Five new members were welcomed into Assistance League of Greeley on Jan. 26, 2018.  Pictured are, from left to right, Anne Kremer, Heidi Moffatt, Julie Stephen, Deanna Hawley, Becky Ochsner and Assistance League Chairman of Membership, Pam Neville.
Assistance League of Greeley was happy to welcome Ken Humphrey, Tammy McCreery, Christy Chandler, and Sherry Balliet into our membership at our October 2017 general meeting.

Seven new members were welcomed into Assistance League of Greeley on Oct. 28, 2016. Pictured is Bonnie Bryant Membership Chairman (far left), along with new members from left to right: Sherry Shoemaker, Tricia Weston, Debbie Peterson, Sharon Schumacher, Bev Strobel, Vikki Cole and Chris Grinde. Welcome, ladies, to our great organization!

Assistance League of Greeley welcomed new members at their January 22, 2016, monthly meeting.  New members, L-R are Joni Wagner, Sharon Mercer, Joy Purdy, Diane Hutson, Debbie van den Hoven, and Julie Barton.