Warm Up Weld County Program

In 1993, Assistance League of Greeley implemented its Warm Up Weld County philanthropic program. The goal for this program is to purchase and distribute new blankets to pre-selected individuals and families identified by Weld County agencies, organizations, and schools.

Funding for this program is provided by Assistance League of Greeley's yearly budget, grant funds, fundraising, and generous donations.


During the 2018-2019 fiscal year, 2,400 blankets and sleeping bags, and 340 throws totaling over $17,050 were distributed by Assistance League of Greeley members to 29 schools and 16 agencies and organizations throughout Weld County.

Assistance League of Greeley supports local businesses when purchasing the blankets. We thank Wal-Mart and Greeley/Evans School District 6 for their partnership in this program.

Clients at the Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado in Evans
show their delight with the new blankets they received from Assistance League of Greeley.

Assistance League of Greeley volunteers sorting blankets for Warm Up Weld County project 2019.

Pictured are Carol Cox, Linda Ross, Chris Grinde, Deb Bonkiewicz, and Maureen Kazmer.
2107 blankets were distributed to the needy in Weld County during 2018.

During October 2017, Assistance League members delivered 1306 blankets,
throws, and snuggies to 17 nonprofit agencies or schools
as part of the Warm Up Weld philanthropic program.